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Toronto-based Soca artist Kerian Piper has been winning over fans internationally with his powerful vocals and commanding stage presence. Performing a unique brand of music he describes as meaningful, inspiring, and loaded with energy, he combined his love of travel and his dreams of making a mark in the music industry—performing all across the globe, from the Caribbean and South Africa to Asia.

Born in the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, Kerian found his voice while singing in a small church, his love of music, though is eclectic, which gives his music an endearing edge. Beyond Soca, Reggae, and a splash of R&B with soulful tones, he gleans influence from acts like The Scorpions, Kings of Leon, and the Grammy Award-winning Foo Fighters.

“A seasoned performer, having brought his energetic aura to pubs, night clubs, concert venues, and some of the most luxurious cruise liners around the planet, he is making a return to the Soca music scene with the release two new hit tracks: "Ah Feeling" and "Jenni."

“My music is about enjoyment and promoting good vibes to break away from the stresses of life ... it is music to whine and dance to, anywhere you are,”